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About Us

Sterling Analytics is a consulting firm that works with companies to reduce their legal costs. The Sterling Analytics approach utilizes developing case law, guidelines and ethical standards that compel law firms to rectify improper billing practices. Clients operating in a broad spectrum of industries, with varying legal budgets, have used our services to reduce their legal costs while maintaining relationships with the most prestigious law firms in the world. Our audits employ extensive amounts of baseline data and a team with a firm grasp of traditional legal billing practices to reduce total legal fees and expenses. Our process is fair, independent, cost-effective, and maintains attorney-client privilege.

Typical Cost Reduction Efforts

Traditional methods of reducing legal fees and expenses included decreasing the use of outside counsel, employing  e-billing software, or attempts to negotiate down hourly rates. However, these methods fail to address the critical issues that lead to excessive legal costs.

The Proven Path to Legal Cost Reduction

Sterling Analytics has developed a system where we can reduce legal costs without adjusting attorneys’ hourly rates. First, each client’s expenses are benchmarked against the legal industry’s best practices.  Once the results are analyzed, a client-specific strategy for cost controls is implemented. Initially, a legal audit by our trained analysts is conducted to compare your legal bills to those that comply with legal and ethical guidelines.  We work closely with your General Counsel office to build a consensus around an appropriate plan for change using multiple cost-reduction strategies that have proven to be effective for other clients.  Once the plan is agreed on, our team will guide you through the implementation phase and handle many of the required tasks.  Sterling Analytics has the resources available to develop billing guidelines, install and train the General Counsel’s office in e-billing software, and run RFPs that have proven to be most effective at reducing legal costs. We also enter into negotiations with law firms to obtain voluntary reductions or returns of improper charges. Most firms cooperate with our process because it is transparent, fair and independent.


Most companies can reduce outside legal costs by at least 20%, without having to reduce law firm rates. Through in-depth auditing services, coupled with billing agreements that represent the highest legal and ethical standards, Sterling Analytics compels firms to end excessive legal billing.

 To learn how your company is overpaying for legal services, please contact us.

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