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Bankruptcy Services

Attorneys’ fees make up a significant part of bankruptcy expenses. The largest filings contain hundreds of millions of dollars that  have been paid out of the bankruptcy estate and into the hands of attorneys. In response to the high costs of litigation, bankruptcy courts around the country have used strict standards to determine what are acceptable billing practices for firms submitting fee requests to the court.

Sterling Analytics has the ability to provide consulting services to parties (trustees, creditor committees) engaged in bankruptcy proceedings. Using our databse of caselaw and prior bankruptcy audits, Sterling Analytics analyzes legal bills submitted by firms in Chapter 7, 11, or 13 litigations and determines where improper billing practices are taking place.

Examples of services we provide include:

  • Legal bill audits of fees and expenses to determine whether improper or unreasonable billing is taking place.
  • Preparation of Reports detailing findings of legal bill reviews
  • Resolve fee-issues with professionals prior to court proceedings.
  • Expert Testimony for trustees, creditor committees, or when appointed by the court, which can include our findings of unreasonable billing practices..

For a sample of the excessive fees we’ve found in high profile cases such as in re Lehman Brothers Holding Company or in re General Motors, visit our Bankruptcy Case Studies page.

For more information, please contact: Laura Johnson, Esq., (646) 863-9433;

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