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Expedited Review Process

Sterling Analytics Group Launches Expedited Review Process

Sterling Analytics now offers an Expedited Review: a three to five day process, designed to give medium-sized businesses the basic tools to:

  1. Understand the level of savings that may be realized by adoption of industry best practices; and
  2. Implement strategies with the assistance of its own personnel.

As part of the Expedited Review, Sterling Analytics will:

  1. Review the business’s present legal cost control measures;
  2. Review a sample of law firm billings to determine whether such billings are compliant with both the business’ guidelines, and ethical rules/court rulings;
  3. Prescribe basic steps that the business can take to achieve significant savings on its outside legal costs.

 The Expedited Review, a time and cost-efficient process, is designed to assist businesses in understanding how they can take the first steps needed to make a real difference in controlling legal costs.

The Expedited Review is priced based upon unique factors to each business, including the size and complexity of each business’ outside legal expenditures.


For more information, please contact: Laura Johnson, Esq., (646) 863-9433; LJohnson@sterlinganalytics.com

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