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Legal Bill Review and Audit

Sterling Analytics’ highly  trained, US based team quickly and efficiently reviews invoices to make sure that charges are in compliance with company guidelines. Sterling Analytics then resolves objections within specified, clear parameters. In addition, Sterling Analytics  employs  two levels of quality control, making certain that bill reviews are accurate. Sterling Analytics’ points of value:

Extraordinary Experience: Sterling Analytics’ counsel, Jessica Wahl, Brenda Cohen and Howard Tollin have managed and worked with major insurers and their claims and risk management departments in excess of 20 years. They are familiar with the procedures, needs and practices of claims personnel and adjusters.  Mr. Tollin is intimately familiar with billing practices as he co-authored the article, “Litigation Management: What Legal Defense Costs are Reasonable and Necessary?” Defense Counsel Journal, Vol. 63, No. 4 (October 1996). In addition, he has litigated fee dispute cases involving millions of dollars and was affiliated with Diversified Fee Management, a legal auditing company. 

As a Liability Claims Manager, Ms. Cohen has developed Litigation Guidelines that are effectively used as a tool for controlling litigation costs to clients. In addition, Laura Johnson, who has been with Sterling Analytics for the past 4 years, has extensive experience of the legal auditing process, working within eBilling systems, creating outside counsel guidelines and controls, and managing billing relationships with clients and their outside counsel. 

Highly Qualified Analysts: Sterling Analytics’ analysts consist of either admitted attorneys or highly qualified  third year law students (in the USA law school lasts 3 years) in the top of their academic classes. These facts are important, as every analyst will have prepared for and passed ethics courses and legal procedure courses directly involved with the review of the propriety of legal bills.

A High Level of Security: Every Sterling Analytics analyst will have been cleared through a background check, and, as a prospective or current member of the Bar, will have passed through a gauntlet of character checks required by the Bar. Privacy violations are unlikely as attorney auditors cannot afford to imperil their Bar admissions. Sterling Analytics employs significant security measures, in line with SSAE 16 requirements.

Summary of the SLA Review Process:

Initial Review of Invoice – An Analyst is notified that there is a bill that needs to be reviewed. The invoice is than promptly reviewed against Sterling Analytics library of accepted ethical and industry best practices, constantly updated with the most recent court decisions to reflect billing standards, alongside billing guidelines provided by the client.

Feedback to Law Firms and Clients – Sterling Analytics will prepare a detailed report listing the objectionable billing practices by the firm. Each comment or objection will be keyed to a specific guideline, with clear indication of action that needs to be taken for resolution.


Follow up for Resolution – Our team will work with your billing coordinators to develop a plan to make your objections known to outside counsel. If a client so desires, Sterling Analytics can step into their shoes and advocate on behalf of the client for a reduction of fees. We can provide continual monitoring through e-billing and periodic audits depending on the needs of the client.

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