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Becoming Better Billers

Sterling Analytics is the first legal auditing firm to address ethical billing education in the CLE industry. After taking this New York State accredited Law Practice Management class, attorneys will gain a comprehensive understanding of ethics rules, case law, and proper billing practices, which can all be passed on to the benefit of their clients.

What Does This Course Cover?

  • Overview of ethical billing rules and authority on reasonable fees
  • Industry standards as reflected in billing guidelines
  • Common objectionable billing practices

How will This Course Benefit Me and My Firm?

Clients often question their attorney’s bills because they either don’t understand them, or they simply want to make sure they are receiving appropriate value. The inability to promptly justify the amounts charged invites fee disputes, mistrust, and delays payment to the law firm. Learning the best legal billing practices and understanding the current law has proven to be an essential tool to promoting good communication and demonstrating the value of the firm’s services.

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Sterling Analytics - The first legal auditing firm to address ethical billing education in the CLE industry


“No one is taught how to bill ethically and transparently in law school. The 'if you breathe it, you bill it' mantra practiced by many firms is exactly what we hope to address by teaching this groundbreaking course.”

Marci Waterman, Esq.President, Sterling Analytics

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Ethical Billing Education