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Sterling Analytics - Legal Fee Expert Services

Sterling Analytics is a legal fee expert services and consulting firm that works with companies to help reduce their legal costs.

Our team of trained analysts performs legal audits on legal billings in an effort to reduce legal fees and expenses. Our expert services provide assistance in the assessment, negotiation and mediation of legal fee disputes, in addition to opinions and testimony regarding the reasonableness of legal fees, ethical standards, and case law.

We provide a wide range of Expert Services for our Clients:

  1. Assessment and Analysis of the Reasonableness of Legal Fees
    • Our Company maintains a library of legal precedent periods from every jurisdiction, various ethical rules and ABA opinions that we utilize to analyze and determine the reasonableness of legal fees
  1. Negotiation with Law Firms over Fee Disputes and for Recovery of Excessive, Unreasonable and Unethical Legal Fees
    • We have successfully negotiated fee disputes, with the goal of resolving and maintaining relationships
  2. Assistance with Arbitration and Mediation of Legal Fee Disputes
    • We use our vast experience as legal fee consultants to negotiate legal fee disputes in an arbitration or mediation.
  3. Expert Testimony and Opinions regarding the Reasonableness of Legal Fees and Ethical Standards used by the Courts
    • We provide testimony and reports on the reasonableness of legal fees and the common ethical and case standards utilized by the courts, as well as reasonable commercial billing standards.
    • We also provide expert opinions for use at trial on the reasonableness of legal fees and the common ethical and case standards utilized by the courts.

Laura Johnson

Legal Operations Manager

Laura Johnson has over 10 years of experience reviewing and auditing legal invoices and has acted as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies in the management of their billion dollar legal spends. She is qualified to testify in both federal and state court on the reasonableness of attorneys’ fees.

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Laura Johnson - Legal Savings Unlocked

Howard Tollin

Legal Fee Expert

Howard Tollin has over 20 years of experience as an attorney and risk consultant, in addition to co-authoring the article, “Litigation Management: What Legal Defense Costs are Reasonable and Necessary?” Defense Counsel Journal, Vol. 63, No. 4 (October 1996).

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Howard Tollin - Legal Savings Unlocked

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