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Industry Leaders in Legal Bill Review

Sterling Analytics is a team of legal professionals who have extensive experience and are rigorously trained and tested to ensure excellence. We audit billions of dollars of legal spend annually to help companies manage their outside legal expenses through a reliable and consistent process of review. With specialization across numerous practice areas, we validate and challenge legal fees by reviewing and analyzing legal invoices against universally accepted standards.

We have a robust international presence and multiple language capabilities. Additionally, we have been qualified in state and federal court as expert witnesses, we write law review articles on establishing best billing practices, and we teach continuing legal education classes. In addition to Juris Doctor, our team holds professional degrees and licenses in the areas of real estate, business, insurance, education, mediation, and arbitration.

Sterling Analytics - A team of skilled attorneys and paralegals who have superior credentials and are rigorously trained and tested to ensure excellence

The Legal Bill Review Specialists

As independent and objective legal bill review specialists, the team at Sterling Analytics engages in an in-depth analysis of every line of every invoice for reasonableness and compliance with billing guidelines. We use a team-based approach to ensure quality control and responsiveness. With attorneys experienced in numerous practice areas, we are especially proud of our ability to pair our professionals with your specific industry.

We strive to educate your law firms on how to implement new strategies to ensure compliance with billing guidelines. We foster communication and information, rather than accusation. As attorneys ourselves, we speak on eye level with your trusted counsel, and recognize the valuable relationship between attorney and client. We approach every interaction with respect and perspective. We pride ourselves in our collaborative approach and always communicate in a respectful and courteous manner because we share the same goal: to make sure our shared client is receiving maximum value.

Sterling Analytics - A team of skilled attorneys and paralegals who have superior credentials and are rigorously trained and tested to ensure excellence

We are Committed to Education

What sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to education and innovation. After achieving your goals, we set new ones to provide new opportunities for savings and increased compliance. As qualified experts in bill review, we can evaluate the necessity and appropriateness of the fees billed.

While other companies sell their invoice review services as part of their e-billing platform, Sterling is able to partner with any e-billing software or perform our audit services outside of an e-billing system. Our independence enables us to tailor our services to our clients’ specific and individual needs to best support their business goals.

Sterling Analytics - Our commitment to education, excellence, and innovation sets us apart

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