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AI Alone Can’t Match Human Expertise When it Comes to Legal Bill Review

Woodbury, NY, July 12, 2021 –– Marci Waterman, President of Sterling Analytics, one of the nation’s largest legal consultancy firms, believes AI alone can’t match human expertise when it comes to legal bill review. Marci and Sterling Analytics client Chubb Group recently teamed with Onit for a wide-ranging webinar on the latest advances in legal savings.

Often, the value and savings from legal e-billing are undermined by the time-consuming review process. A solution that many have turned to is 3rd party bill review in combination with an AI-powered Enterprise Legal Management System. This approach puts two experts in the loop, removes the burden of invoice review from your internal staff, and generates numerous tangential benefits, including:

  • More consistent enforcement of outside counsel guidelines
  • A better understanding of the work your firms are doing
  • More time to focus on important work in house
  • And, of course, incredible savings

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