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$269 Verdict to Cost Pittsburgh $62,000 in Legal Fees

A Pittsburgh man has been awarded $62,000 in attorneys’ fees after winning just $269 in a federal court case. The Associated Press reported that a verdict was handed down two months ago in favor of 29-year old Robert Rucker after a federal jury found that police officers wrongfully used a stun gun on him.

Rucker was seeking reimbursement for his medical bills plus upwards of $75,000 in other damages. The dispute was centered on an incident back in 2006 where Rucker claims he was complying with police orders. The officer thought he struck his girlfriend with his car, which prompted him to use the stun gun on Rucker. Rucker’s attorneys sought $92,000 in legal fees after winning the case but the Pittsburgh City Council settled on $62,000. As a result, the city of Pittsburgh will be footing the hefty legal bill attached to the minor $269 verdict.

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