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Cape Coral is Paying Hundreds of Thousands for its Union Negotiations

The municipal government of Cape Coral has hired outside counsel to represent the town interests in negotiations with unions. The firm of John Hament charges $195 an hour for his services. However, with over $250,000 dollars spent without a deal being made, some people believe that the firm has been nothing but a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Previously, contracts were negotiated by the city head of human resources, which allegedly was well under what Cape Coral is paying outside counsel. City councilman Bill Deile has gone on the record defending the choice, citing the expertise and experience the firm has in labor disputes. He also said that contracts that were previously negotiated were not written clearly.

The councilman also suggests that the reason the fees have gotten so high is due to the unions not making concessions during the negotiations. No matter the reason, taxpayers are footing an increasingly expensive negotiation and enriching the firm of John Hament.

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