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Dodgers’ Bankruptcy Counsel Seeks $1.7 Million in Fees

Recently, the New York Times reported that Dewey & LeBoeuf, the law firm representing the Dodgers in its bankruptcy case, has billed $1.7 million for 34 days of work. According to the lead attorney, the fees incurred are “on the low end of what early-case expenses look like, particularly where there are contested matters.” However, since the bankruptcy case will most likely last into next year, the legal fees are expected to increase.

The 171-page bill submitted by Dewey & LeBoeuf contains the work of 46 attorneys and other professionals performing tasks such as drafting memos and motions, attending meetings and hearings, exchanging emails, and responding to media inquiries. Many of the entries contained in the bill relate to the performance of media-related tasks. For example, on July 1st, a partner at Dewey & LeBoeuf billed $232.50 for responding to media requests and $310 for reviewing news media reports. Days earlier, another attorney billed $507.50 to analyze the media coverage. The lead attorney on the case billed $97.50 for reviewing a letter from a Dodgers’ fan about the bankruptcy filing. He also billed $1,500 for discussing the media coverage with the Dodgers’ public relations firm.

The bill also contains a number of instances where attorneys billed for working more than 15 hours per day. One partner billed 19.1 hours in one day, totaling $15,280 in fees. On another day, an associate billed $9,815, working 15.1 hours. In addition, there were charges for multiple attorneys attending the same hearings. On July 20th, three partners billed for attending the same court hearing. Another billed for attending the hearing by teleconference. The fees incurred in connection with the hearing totaled almost $39,000 for 46 hours.

Dewey & LeBoeuf has discounted the fees from $1.7 million to $1.37 million. It has also discounted more than $31,000 in expenses. After analyzing the fee request, the bankruptcy judge will determine the amount Dewey & LeBoeuf will be compensated.

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