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Sterling Analytics Launches a New Approach to Helping Individuals Avoid Excessive Legal Costs

(January 28, 2013)

Today, Sterling Analytics has taken the first step in delivering legal fee advisory services to individuals who are overwhelmed with the issues involving spiraling legal costs in a divorce.

Controlling Divorce Costs is a completely new approach that Sterling Analytics developed to help individuals control legal fees for individuals. is a website that:

  1. Gives individuals free information regarding how they can take action to control the legal fees and costs of a typical divorce; and
  2. Allows them an opportunity to obtain low cost consultation with an attorney trained to advise individuals on such topics as:
  • proper billing methods;
  • client-friendly retainer agreements;
  • standards for proper vs. improper expenses; and
  • attorneys’ ethical responsibility for the efficient conduct of litigation

We are excited about this new approach.

Take a look:

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