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A Sampling of Legal Fee News from around the country…

Lawyer: Rosa Parks’ Estate was drained (Detroit Free Press – 7/21) – A filing in the Michigan Supreme Court alleges that two court appointed attorney’s piled up excessive fees that took over $240,000 from the estate – almost 2/3 the cash value.

Idaho Settles Suit Over Ballots (The Spokesman Review – 7/20) – “Daien sought $95,725 in attorney fees and court costs, but Ysursa protested the amount was excessive, and the court reduced it to $54,350. Idaho’s Constitutional Defense Council voted unanimously Tuesday to pay that amount plus interest.”

Federal Court Finds That an Attorney Should be Compensated Less for Travel Time (Sterling Analytics) – This issue discusses appropriate billing for travel time.

The in-house law firm – the future of corporate law departments (7/22/2011 – LexisNexis Legal Business Community) – A fascinating piece about the potential future of in-house attorneys and how they can generate revenue for a company. Innovative thinking at a time when companies are looking to maximize revenue in all areas.

MultiMedia – You Get What You Pay For: Strategies to Help You Select the Best Document Review Provider (, 7/15) – Greg McPolin, Esq.(Litigation Solutions) and Jeff Jaeckel (Morrison & Foerster’s) discuss how to efficiently choose and work with document review providers.

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